Picture(s) of Lauies Tobolski

My apologies, but I am hosting these pictures from home and you may need to click on the individual pictures (that may appear as broken links) to view them (because they time out when trying to be viewed on a webpage via my slow hosting link).

Unknown, John Kuczwara (2273), Helen Kuczwara (2278), Eyelene Tobolski (0965)
Louise Tobolski (0966), Helen Unknown (2550), Joseph Kuczwara (2274), Unknown

back row: George A. Gotowka, Frank Celmer Jr., Sister Mary Gennaro CSC, Agnes S (Kuczwara) Tobolski, Frank Celmer, Sr.
front row: Eylene Tobolski, Louise Jankowski Tobolski, Mary (Kuczwara) Celmer, Roman Celmer, Josephine (Celmer) Gotowka holding Esther Josephone Gotowka, Gertrude H. (Gerty) Celmer, Blaise (Bly or Blazy) G. Celmer

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