Picture(s) of Dix Melgrove Randall

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1949 picture with Kathryn Randall (1759), Vera Moe (1753), Dix Melgrove Randall (1709), and Albro Randall (1711)

1949 picture with Albro Randall (1711) and Dix Melgrove Randall (1709)

1949 picture with Ray Tomaszewski (1841) and Dix Melgrove Randall (1709)

1949 picture with Kay Tomaszewski (1759) and Dix Melgrove Randall (1709)

Picture from around 1940:

Alvse (Alice) Fern Randall (1748), Purvis William Thurston (1778), Lyle Melgrove Randall (1738)

Mary Irene Randall (1749), Pearl Beatrice Thurston (1779), Donald James Thurston (1781), Nina Josephine Randall (1741), Lillian Eileen Thurston (1780)

George Louis Elaschuk (1816), Mary Ann Spencer (1737), Dix Melgrove Randall (1709), William George Thurston (1777)

Flossie Olive Thurston (1783), Merle Louise West (1785), Marjorie Ellen Thurston (1782)

Albro Martin Randall, Dix Melgrove Randall

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